15 Best Warez BB Alternatives in 2022 【Free】

Warez BB is a source of sharing Apps, console games, movies, TV shows, Animes, music, music videos, templates and scripts, eBooks, Audiobooks, Mac (software), Mobile, and other OSes. It is a community-based forum by which people can share stuff with each other. 

There are online free games, movies, and many other things on Warez BB. But as Warez BB is usually down, the users really need to know about other sites and applications that can be used instead of it. All the alternatives to Warez BB are modern, fast, and have plenty of content. Moreover, these alternatives can grow bigger and better than Warez BB. Sites similar to Warez BB are different in terms of their responsive design, better content, and other things. Nowadays, sites like Warez BB are used more than Wared BB itself because Warez BB is usually down, and the users are unable to use it. 

Now let’s move on to the Warez BB substitute to know about them. 

Warez BB Alternatives 2022:

The below mentioned are the top warez BB alternatives.

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1) disciplemedia.com

Disciple is a warez BB replacement. It is a private community platform that has many courses, a live stream, and many other things. Disciple offers many media things as well without any limitations. People can generate their income through disciplemedia.com. They can sell their courses and membership for the benefit of other people and for themselves too.

Through disciple people are able to generate more engagement in their community. The users can have more engagement in their community than on Instagram and Facebook. Moreover, disciple is the place where you have total gain and control over your community.

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2) movies123.top

This warez BB alternative enables the user to see full motion pictures that are totally free. They have the finest collection of movies on their site. For maintenance, there are updates on this website after every few months or even days.Users can enjoy movies in full HD versions on this website. 

Other than this, people can have subscriptions for this website for better connection and results. This website is also a source of conserving articles. It includes features like Evernote combination, google drive integration, film filtering, search by license. The users can track everything with their accounts on this website. So, people can always go for this site instead of warez BB.

3) WJungle.net

WJungle.net provides their users free windows applications, movies, tv shows, games, music, e-books, and mobile phones. for WJungle.net it doesn’t matter how old the movie is or how latest the movie is. They always have it on their website. Applications like Adobe Photoshop, video downloader, self-care, and systweak photos recovery are also available on this website.

Before accessing different categories on this website, the users need to register themselves on this website. When it comes to games on this website they have Planet Centauri, Olija, MindSeize, Cloud Gardens, and many more. The users can also access the e-books on this website. It has books of different categories. So, people can always open the ones that they want to read.

4) downturk.net

Down Turk is a website that allows you to have access to fresh hidden objects.The users have access and can download stuff from there. It also has a dash, match3, adventure, game, software, mobile applications, movies, magazine, e-books, music, and photoshop. The applications available on this website are compatible with both iOS and Android.

The Adobe Animate application on this website has new interactive designs and animation for games, apps, and the web. The users have access to vector, font, graphic, webmaster tool, photoshop, after effects, and 3D models as well. Moreover, the applications available for both kinds are portable and MacSoftware.

5) 21studio.net

21studio.net is a web app that allows you to watch movies for free. For this, you don’t need to be a member of 21studio but, instead, you can just stream for free on this website. This website has online the latest HD movies as well as tv series. Moreover, this site is compatible with all the regular browsers and supports all kinds of mobile devices. Whether it be desktop, laptops, android iOS, Windows phones, Linux-based os tablets, or regular mobile phones you can use it with all. 

6) volno.org

volno.org is yet another warez BB alternative. It has categories like games and applications, Ebooks, tutorials and scripts, music and music videos, movies and documentaries, TV series, anime, and animations. This website has software like IObit driver booster, IObit Malware Fighter Pro, and much other software that will keep your PC secure from viruses. Moreover, this website allows its user to see many tutorials to learn different things.

7) katz.cd

This website mainly comes under the category of physics. It lets you learn about pressure film, absolute pressure sensor, force transducer, device sensor, and pressure sensor. People approaching this website have a major advantage to know about things related to them, and sensors that can detect the level of pressure. Not only this, but this website also leads you to many other websites where you will learn even more.

8) FilesLoop.com

It is a website that downloads, submit hostings, and torrents Meta Search. This website enables you to browse. The users can download different files from many hostings like Rapidgator, Uploading, Isohunt, and pirate bay. This website performs the functions of Integrated search, searching, file searching, Meta Search, Gush Search. People can also use this website to download torrents.

9) searx.me

searx.me is a metasearch engine.It was designed by a team of experts. searx.me is the most traditional website for searching on the internet. searx.me is the most traditional website for searching on the internet.The core features, privacy, and security of this website make it very different from the other alternatives of warez BB.

This website has a searching platform that lets users search and scroll freely. Through this website, the users can search for anything on the internet. It allows you a wide range of images, videos, music, audio, movies, and shows as well. For the better search results searx.me offers both regular and advanced search options for the visitors. 

10) megadownload.com

This undated image obtained by The Associated Press shows the homepage of the website Megaupload.com. Federal prosecutors in Virginia have shut down one of the world’s largest file-sharing sites, Megaupload.com, and charged its founder and others with violating piracy laws. (AP Photo)

Mega Download is a platform that allows users to download files from it. Searching and downloading from hosting sites on the internet has become very easy through megadownload.com. There is no irrelevant information present on megadownload.com. This is the reason due to which megadownload.com is the best alternative to warez BB.

11) dlldump.com

dlldump.com is a website that has software and forums sorted in alphabetical order. So, a user can search for them by clicking on their first alphabet. To help users with the troubleshooting problems, dlldump has suggested the name of users that will help the users to solve them. 

Using the files available on dlldump, people can fix their problems by using a wide range of software that is available on dlldump.com. The files on dlldump.com are capable of fixing the user’s problems within a few minutes. The downloading files from dlldump.com do not cost anything related to its services.

12) entireweb.com

Entire Web allows you to search from the whole web directory. It ensures that the results that users are getting are relevant only. There is nothing complicated while searching through this website. Once the user searches for something on this website, the search is run through millions of websites on the internet. 

This website for searching simply does its work like google. The search bar is present in the middle of the page through which users can search.

13) aiosearch.com

This website is a multi-search platform. It allows users to search files. Moreover, the searching system of this website is such that the users enjoy searching through this website. Services like file hosting services, streaming websites, and search engines all can be used by visitors. These different kinds of facilities make sure that the visitors are absolutely satisfied with their search.

14) birdload.com

birdload.com is an online fastest-growing cloud storage application. Users can upload, track, download, and manage files easily.Dropbox is an alternative to this website. This website has some new tools and features to upload and track files. Users love this website for its access to all internet-enabled devices. 

Advanced security and privacy are the extra features of this website. This website is widely used across the world for the free 500GB they offer every user on sign up. Moreover, the premium packages of his website have more than 10TB of storage. 

15) filemare.com

filemare.com is a leading FTP server. It is the best website for searching images, videos, audio, music, videos, movies, software, games, e-books, cracks, updates, patches, and many more. The difference between google and this website is that this website gives results only from dedicated platforms. Filemare shows only the relevant links to the platforms to make the search of the visitors easy and convenient. 

Users can search for the latest music, movies, software, videos, and many other things through this website.


All the above 15 mentioned alternatives of warez BB are highly functional. Their results and searches are relevant. Instead of using warez BB, users can visit these sites at any time and at any hour!