10 Alternatives To VoiceMeeter in 2022 【Open Source】

There are plenty of alternatives to VoiceMeeter, but only a few of them have a good performance. If you want to explore new audio mixers or got bored of VoiceMeeter, this article has got you covered. 

Top 10 VoiceMeeter Alternatives 2022:

Below is a list of VoiceMeeter replacements:

1. Audacity

This audio mixer is as cool as its name because it allows the user to edit multitrack audio and record live audio using a microphone or mixer. Audacity also has a wide variety of sound effects to choose from. 

2. Adobe Audition

It is another good alternative to VoiceMeeter. Adobe Audition lets the users record sound and do desired amendments to the recorded audio. The unique UI makes it easy for users to practice audio mixing and explore tools freely. 

3. Traktor Pro 3

This VoiceMeeter banana alternative is designed for professionals who create audios. It comprises 4 decks making it a reliable audio mixer for streaming services. This tool is best for podcasters or those who want high-quality audio for live streaming.

4. MixPad Multitrack Studio Recording

VoiceMeeter Robotic voice can be an issue for some people. Thus, this alternative is best as it has multitrack mixing. The powerful audio mixer is perfect for studio uses and offers a great streaming experience.

5. Serato DJ Pro

Serato is one of a kind because of its dark-themed and easy UI. You can easily record or mix and stream audios. It can be synced with other devices and also inspects the lead of the track and offers 8 samples to play several sets.

6. Logic Pro X

This alternative was made by Apple and is an all-purpose audio mixer tool for macOS. With the help of Logic Pro X, you can make catchy audios or mix them in real-time using Live Loops. 

7. Reaper

Reaper is an audio-mixer created for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Being full-featured, this app lets the user record, edit, and mix audio from any computer.

8. FL Studio

FL Studio has a huge collection of sound effects which lets the user pick the music of their choice. Another feature is the range of synths which gives dimension to your sound for any purpose. 

9. Ocenaudio

This alternative is simple yet helpful and is available for both desktop and online. It is a cross-platform tool and has an easy UI. Oceanaudio supports VST plugins and has a massive collection of sound effects which you can choose to create your audio. 

10. GroundControl

This VoiceMeeter replacement has virtual audio drivers that let the apps transfer audio to other applications without any delay. GroundControl also monitors the driver’s stream through any audio interface.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is VoiceMeeter real?

VoiceMeeter is real, as it is an Audio Mixer Application that has a Virtual Audio Device. It lets the users create and manage their audio from any device or application. 

Can VoiceMeeter handle surround sound?

Yes, you can handle surround sound with VoiceMeeter. You can hear and receive surround sound channels if you wish.