10 Alternatives To Velcro in 2022 【Affordable】 – SWF

Velcro is composed of two nylon fabric strips that are pressed together to close things such as pockets and bags.

But if you don’t have velcro at hand, we have some velcro alternatives that might peak your interest.

Best Velcro Alternatives 2022

Here are 10 velcro alternatives that you can use instead:

1. Zippers

You can fasten two things together just as easily with zippers.

2. Buckles

bucklesIf you want to bind together a couple of strands, then buckles are a good option.

3. Buttons

Two pieces of cloth can definitely become one with buttons.

4. Laces

lacesLaces are not just good for shoes but can be used to tie other things together as well.

5. Snaps

Just like buttons but quicker and easier to join clothes.

6. Duct tape

duct tapeFunctions just like velcro with some slight differences but it is a lot cheaper.

7. Adhesives

Any suitable adhesive can work, the type depends on the material you are using.

8. Stitch

If you’re working with clothes, then you can always stitch them together but it is more of a permanent solution.

9. Safety Pin

safety pinYet again, if the cloth is your material of work then safety pins should do the job as well.

10. Stapler

Industrial staplers/ staple guns will work wonderfully on harder materials.


Q1. What holds better than velcro?

Scotch extreme fasteners are known to be a lot stronger than velcro.

Q2. Does washing velcro ruin it?

It doesn’t really ruin it but you need to wash it the right way.

Q3. Can velcro wear out?

Sometimes it is possible for the velcro to lose its sticking properties.