10 Best UHaul Alternatives in 2022 【Affordable】

U-Haul is a company that rents carriages, trucks, trailers they also provide storing units, garages, self-storage units, moving boxes, and packing supplies services. If you want to move furniture from the market to your home or shift to a new home and need a carriage to transfer your furniture,  machinery, and other equipment or transfer business goods from one place to another.

It does not matter how much stuff you are moving and you know that U-Haul cargo has got your back but sometimes it might not match your criteria and you may wonder about what you should do next? This article will give you 10 alternatives to U-Haul that make sure you move out from one place to another safely and in no time.

Top 10 Uhaul Alternatives 2022:

Have a look at Alternatives To Uhaul below:

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1) Stackable Containers

Several situations lend themselves to the use of these portable storage containers. You may rent a container to ship directly to the destination if you need to relocate immediately. When the company drops off the unit, you can spend the next several days loading it.

For the storage of items during the moving process, containers are an excellent solution. The service center of a company allows customers to store items and have them shipped to them, as needed.

This is often the choice of people moving large houses or those who don’t want to drive a rental truck, but certain small loads can also be packed using these containers. Depending on your needs, MyWay Storage may offer you an 8-foot-tall container. Additionally, PODS and U-Box offer similar-sized containers.

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2) Shipments

When moving furniture or small boxes, shipping can be a good solution. This cargo trailer alternative may be more affordable for you depending on your item’s size. It is possible to ship furniture or valuables specifically with several companies.

By connecting truckers to customers, eBay-owned company uShip alleviates the burden of shipping small packages. Taking advantage of the extra space on a trucker’s truck who is traveling in the same direction as you is possible.

3) Carrier of cargo

The next in the list of U-Haul alternatives is cargo carrier, a car extension is sometimes all you need to move excess luggage or small items. If you live in a college dorm with many moving in and out every semester, this might be challenging.

For small shifting you may consider a cargo carrier as an option that attaches to the hitch or roof of your car. Despite their limitations, these carriers can easily accommodate five or six carry-ons. In addition to moving multiple times, you can still use your carrier.

4) Service-oriented storage

Another U-Haul alternative is self-oriented storage, if you live in an urban area, you can take advantage of the full-service storage options. The convenience of it makes it a popular choice in cities and among locals. Full-service storage involves getting your packed boxes picked up from your home by a company like Closet Box. You are then able to pick up your boxes and have them stored for when you need them again. These companies generally offer local storage only; so they can’t accommodate long-distance relocations. However, many people find this storage service easier and more convenient, and suitable than traditional and old self-storage services.

5) Rental Pickup

Perhaps you’d prefer to drive yourself. In that case, you might be able to rent a pickup truck and stuff your stuff in its bed.

It is possible to rent trucks for long distances from places like Enterprise, however one-way fees are likely to be high. In addition, if you intend to drive your own car, you will need another driver.

A pickup rental is the most economical choice if you are moving locally. For example Under Home Depot’s time limit, you won’t be charged mileage fees when renting a truck. For boxes that are pre-packed, loading and unloading assistance costs $20.

6) Vehicles hauling freight

Transporting small items via freight trailers is a cost-effective option. The benefit of this cargo trailer alternative is that you simply rent the space you require and don’t have to pay for space you do not need.

7) Moving Services LTL

Another U-Haul alternative is to hire a less-than-truckload (LTL) moving company. Shipping companies like uShip and TSI will customize their services based on your specific situation.

Their various shipping methods ensure that your items are transported safely and securely. LTL companies are a great choice if you want to have several options but would like to have extra assistance in the process.

8) Professional Movers

Moving companies might seem expensive, but as a general rule, they are less expensive than renting a U-Haul truck. Moving items across the country by professional movers is one of the main reasons for their affordability. Consolidating shipments makes the trip more efficient. They, therefore, can charge less per customer if they are getting paid to bring the item to a specific location and intend to pick up another (or group of) items from there.

9) Change companies for your truck rental

Most individuals think of U-Haul when they have the need to rent a truck to move out of state, but that doesn’t mean it is the best company to rent from. U-Haul is not the only truck rental company out there, as many of them offer lower prices than the company.

10) Sell Everything

When you move a lot, it is wise to sell everything you own except for the things that you really need. In addition to saving them money, eliminating packing, and saving them the hassle of scrounging up free moving boxes during the move, this program will spare them headaches related to the relocation process.


Q1. Why are U-Hauls so expensive right now?

There are certain reasons that charges of U-Haul is slightly higher than any other truck companies the certain reasons includes the geographical location from pick up to destination point, The high demand of U-Haul in market, the cost of living, U-Haul marketing, branding and a safe trade promise and last but not last less knowledge of people about other different rental truck companies and options.

Q2. Is there a cheaper alternative to U-Haul? 

The alternative to U-Haul Truck Rental can be costly for people but there are few U-Haul substitutes which could help you in shifting, moving or transferring of your goods. These similar to U-Haul options are shipping services, portable storage containers, pickup rentals, cargo and freight carriers, service storages, freight trailers, different trunk loaders or companies, professional movers and last but not least sell everything you own option you can buy new furniture or goods once you reach your destination.

Q3. What are some sites like U-Haul?

There are multiple other U-Haul replacements that help people to transfer goods or products from one place to another safely. These sites include Penske Truck Rental, Budget Truck Rental, Enterprise Truck Rental, and The Home Depot.