10 Best Ubiquiti Alternatives in 2022【Top Picks】- SWF

Ubiquiti sells wired and wireless communication devices for homes and enterprises. However, if you are looking for something else, we have Ubiquiti alternatives.

Best Ubiquiti alternatives 2022

Have a look at these Ubiquiti alternatives!

1. UI

UI has user-friendly interference; it manages the user in an easy-to-use and elegant interference.

2. Mikrotik

It has all the fantastic features necessary for the wireless assessment of the devices.

3. Marsolusi

It provides the next level of integrated and sustainable enterprises eBusiness solutions.

4. Allied Telesis

Allied Telesis

It is also a communication company that provides easy-to-use and secure wired and wireless networks for enterprises.

5. Cambium Networks

Its main aim is to take wireless communication to the next level; it connects millions of people with wireless communication.

6. Aruba

Aruba quickly protects users’ networks with Ai and advanced threat intelligence.

7. Fortinet


Fortinet provides a top-notch network security solution and keeps your network and data safe from external threats.


NETGEAR provides storage, networking, and security solutions. It is affordable, reliable, and easy to maintain and install.


It is the perfect multi-site enterprise network. Its top features include security, wireless LANs, VOIP migration, and bandwidth extension.

10. Cisco


Cisco delivers fine grain control over a massive telecommunication network.


Which is better, MikroTik vs. Ubiquiti?

Both are equally effective; however, Ubiquiti offers more smooth working and the best user experience, and MikroTik offers granular flexibility.

Is Ubiquiti worth the money?

Yes! It is one of the wireless communication sources, and it is worth your investment.

Is Ubiquiti suitable for home use?

Ubiquiti’s Unifi devices are best for home use.