10 Tetris Friends Alternatives in 2022 [Updated]

Tetris Friends revives all the nostalgic moments from our childhood as it was one of the popular games for PC. Tetris Friends was created by Tetris and people considered it the best way to kill their boredom. Unfortunately, the company stopped its functions and was discontinued in May 2019. As it was a setback for the Tetris Friends’ enthusiasts out there, they started looking for other games that could fill the void created by the discontinuation of Tetris Friends. 

This gaming platform had over 10 million registered users. People enjoyed playing it in multiplayer format and it helped them enjoy their spare time. But, not too long after that, many games like Tetris Friends have been developed. So, if you are looking for the best substitutes, then we have got you covered as this article has the best alternatives to help you with the boredom. 

Best Tetris Friends Alternatives 2022:

Have a look at 10 sites similar to Tetris Friends below:

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1) JSTris

JstrisJSTris has been a part of the gaming industry since 2014. It was developed by Jezevec10 and is a Java-Script-based browser game. JSTris can be played both ways, single and multiplayer. In the latter mode, the players can compete with each other by throwing junk until one player wins. In the survival mode, the player’s survival rate is tested when the garbage rises up to 1 line per unit. 

Another cool feature is that players can invite their friends to play with them, plus having a touch system enabled on PC allows you to play JSTris with touch controls. Additionally, you can change the color of blocks, change sound effects, and control volume. Lastly, the other cool features include a giant randomizer, hold feature, preview technology, and SRS rotation system.

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2) Good Old Tetris

good old tetrisAnother great alternative to Tetris Friends is the Good Old Tetris. This classic version of the game has been a favorite of many generations. The creation of Good Old Tetris can be traced back to 1984. It is a single-player game. However, it can be loaded easily in your browser and has the same keys, giving the users the same old feeling again. 

Before starting the game, the player has to select the level. Higher the level, the greater the speed of the blocks falling down. Once you clear a row, the score also increases. The motive of the game is pretty simple, clear the blocks before you run out of space. A true Tetris Friends fan will surely love this alternative!

3) Jumble Blocks

A modified version of Tetris Friends is Jumble Blocks. But, the concept of the game is similar to the original one. You can download Jumble Blocks on any device i.e Android, Windows, or OUYA. All you need to do is slide and move the blocks to make the line without the space running out. 

As this Tetris Friends substitute is downloadable, there is no need for a stable internet connection. If you worry about the game taking too much space, you shouldn’t! As it takes only 6.2Mb and can be downloaded swiftly on your PC. Unfortunately, the multiplayer version is not available for Jumble Blocks. 

4) Tetris N-BLOX

tetris n bloxIt is also called “Free Tetris” and you can play this game without any disturbances. This building block game has improved features with a modern look that attracts the players to play the game. Like every other Tetris Friends alternative, the rules remain the same for this one as well. 

The good thing about Free Tetris is that the players can customize the music according to their taste and change the SFX as well. If the mouse pointer gets out of the game, it is paused. In this way, you won’t lose your game progress. But, make sure you have a good strategy for the game as the blocks start falling speedily as they advance at higher levels. 

5) TenTrix

tentrixEven though it is a Tetris Friends alternative, it is quite different from the classic version. TenTrix is filled with fun and exciting colors with endless space for blocks. Unlike other substitutes, in Tentrix you have to drag and drop them instead of moving them. Once you move the three, you’ll get more and the game goes on like that. 

The user interface of this game is so attractive that the players hook up to it. The beautiful colors and the never-ending line, adds up to its attractive UI. The only thing the players need to be careful in this game is not to run slow or else the space for the new box will be filled. If there are no moves left, you can restart the game. 

6) Not Tetris 2

Not Tetris 2As the name suggests, this game is quite different from the original version and is not as easy as you think. Not Tetris 2 is quite complex as the game is mixed with physics resulting in an exciting spinoff of both fun and logic. The Tetris blocks are not bound to the typical lines. The blocks can be moved, rotated at any angle. If you don’t place it correctly, it will create a mess, eventually taking up the whole screen and the game is over.

The new version of the game has the latest cutting technology which clears the line when a grid is almost filled. Plus, Not Tetris 2 is a multiplayer game in which up to 2 players can play on a single device. And, each player will have their own stack to complete. There is a cool mode in this game called “invade mode” in which you can throw your blocks in the opponents’ section and save up your space.  

7) 1010 Block Puzzle Mania

This substitute is the same as the others we mentioned above. However, there is one limitation i.e rotation of blocks is not allowed. 1010 Block Puzzle Mania is quite an addictive connect game in which you only rotate the boxes in rows or columns. Both android and apple users can download the game on their devices. 

This game has two modes: normal mode and time mode that adds excitement to the game. You don’t need to match the colors of the block, simply complete the grid. If you love playing building blocks games then 1010 Block Puzzle Mania is for you! Give this game a shot and improve your problem-solving skill set. 

8) 2048 Tetris

2048 TetrisThis addictive substitute of Tetris is played by many as it is a modern version of the 2048 puzzle. A perfect combination of modern and classic Tetris has made this game worth being on our list. The blocks moving down can be moved in all directions, until you run out of time. 

The game isn’t completed until you make the 2048 block by adding the separate blocks or otherwise you’ll run out of space and the game is over. You can find this game on the Chrome web store and add it to the extension to play it. Unfortunately, there is no multiplayer mode in this game. 

9) Anode

Anode isn’t your typical Tetris Friends replacement. The anode game is quite difficult and complex than other building block games. Anode has blocks of different colors that will only be joined together if placed adjacent to each other. Moreover, there is an explosive in the game which when linked with the same colored blocks explodes, giving extra points to the player. You can earn items which will help you clear the bin. This classic spinoff of Tetris is more challenging and filled with twists. If you love such games, then download this game either on Windows or Mac. 

There is also a mission mode that you can turn on and complete the automatically generated tasks given to you. Anode is a multiplayer game. So invite your friends, plug in your controllers and start this exciting journey! 

10) Dream of Pixels

Another beautiful block-falling game is the Dream of Pixels. There are plenty of gaming scenarios to choose from. The twist of old and new building block games has kept the players hooked to the screen. The beautiful colors and numerous game modes are what the players love. 

The five modes are named Classic, Puzzle, Pro, Nightmare, and Shattered Dream. One feature that sets apart Dream of Pixels is the graphics and the background music. Another cool feature is that blocks come upside down, unlike other alternatives.


Q1. Can you still play Tetris Friends?

Unfortunately, Tetris Friends isn’t available now. The game has been permanently shut down on May 30, 2019. However, you can still play Tetris Battle on Facebook. 

Q2. What game is most like Tetris?

Brag It, block out, 2048 Tetris, columns and many more games like this are available in replacement of Tetris and are quite similar.

Q3. Why did Tetris Friends close?

Tetris Friends ran on flash and the company realized that it wasn’t very profitable and was expensive to maintain. Moreover, the news came that adobe flash was being discontinued. So, instead of creating a modern version of Tetris Friends, they decided to close its operations as it was cost-effective.