10 RGB Fusion 2.0 Alternatives in 2021 【Open Source】

The RGB Fusion lighting control software allows users to adapt their lighting patterns and effects across all terrain zones and sections. For direct control of all Basic Mode functions, the application can also be downloaded to your smartphone. Moreover, because RGBW and WLED strips are configurable, the motherboards can be designed to reflect the personality of their owners. Aside from that, RGB Fusion, with its wide selection of supported products, allows you to synchronize all of your accessories together. Additionally, you can align, dangle and dazzle all your LEDs however you want. 

The Gigabyte RGB Fusion has gotten way too many complaints about its messed-up behavior in recent years. In recent months, more and more users have abandoned Gigabyte RGB Fusion, necessitating high-quality alternatives. Gigabyte Appcenter and RGB Fusion for your Aorus Xtreme Edition 1080Ti don’t function properly, and it seems as if everything should function perfectly. This usually occurs after your build is completed. As a result, this software is increasingly losing traction, as many users are experiencing these issues. In this article, we have presented 10 best RGB software.

Best RGB Fusion Alternatives 2021:

Have a look at Alternatives To RGB Fusion below:

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1) JackNet RGB Sync

RGB components can now be controlled by JackNet, a new RGB software or a RGB Fusion alternative. Similar to Open RGB, this application lets you control your color space. Nevertheless, it has some limitations, like not supporting RGB fusion compatible parts, such as AORUS graphics cards, monitors, keyboards, mice, and motherboards. It is also possible to use this app to control most RGB components, including those from brands such as Corsair, Asus, Razer, Cooler Master, etc. With this powerful open-source application, you can control most RGB components in your home.

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2) Corsair iCUE

This utility app from Corsair which is similar to RGB Fusion has become a big hit and the best RGB control software. The Corsair RGB lighting can be controlled via this app as well as other functionalities. This software can only control Corsair parts and accessories, but with the limitation that allows only Corsair products to be controlled.  Corsair iCUE is available to download if the majority of the RGB components and accessories in your computer are from Corsair. Your RGB lighting control problems will be solved as a result of this. Additionally, Corsair products provide you with the opportunity to adjust DPI and set custom buttons.

3) Asus Aura sync

In the current era of RGB monitors, Asus aura sync is in high demand. A special place in gamers’ hearts has been earned by Asus for its regular and republic of gamer’s edition components. Its sole function is to control RGB lighting in your components in a simple, easy-to-use manner.  At the moment, Asus aura sync is probably one of the most hyped RGB utilities out there. A special place in gamers’ hearts has been etched for Asus by its republic of gamer’s edition components. This app is also able to control your RGB component lighting. The interface is simple and it controls all the components.

4) MSI Dragon Center and MSI Mystic Light Sync

Another RGB Fusion alternative is MSI Mystic Light Synchronizer and MSI Dragon Center, both apps are excellent utility programs for gaming PCs. MSI Mystic Light Sync app controls RGB lighting on PCs using a lightweight, fast app. MSI Mystic Light Sync will be an excellent app for those who want to keep things simple and control RGB lighting only. Computers with an MSI motherboard should be compatible with this app. Even if you do not own an MSI motherboard, you can still download the MSI Dragon Center app since it works with all motherboards and computers. Besides controlling your components, it is basically a one-to-all app for everything from overclocking to software updates.

5) ASRock Polychrome RGB Sync

A relatively new program called ASRock Polychrome Sync gives users the ability to control their RGB components connected to ASRock motherboards. It’s pretty cool to control your RGB lights with this app. Besides its simple UI, it comes with the option to customize lighting features for individual RGB components. The RGB parts and accessories available in this app are numerous. The number is steadily rising. It is a good choice to choose this app too.

6) Razer Synapse

Using a cloud information storage system, Razer Synapse creates a network of settings for gamers. By saving your Razer device parameters, you can download them anywhere in the world from the cloud instantly.   Using Razer Synapse Sync 2.0 settings, Razer devices can now save and download their settings to the cloud, so that they can be easily transferred to new devices.  This software does not only update your drivers, it also configures various features and functions of your Razer PC as well. Updates have allowed Razer Chroma RGB lights to be synchronized with multiple devices, for example, allowing you to sync them with devices on other platforms.

7) Cooler Master Masterplus+

The next alternative to RGB Fusion is MasterPlus+, The MasterPlus+ division of Cooler Master has released a new software application that allows users to monitor and configure PCs, as well as other devices connected to the hub. First, there is lighting. In this unique setting, users can adjust the lights to reflect the ambient colors of their computer monitors, adding yet another layer of immersion to games and movies. A single integrated program lets you control your PC, peripherals, monitors, and wall lighting. You can sync your settings across multiple PCs and save them to the cloud. Creating a custom PC is a rewarding experience with Cooler Master, a company dedicated to helping you do just that. As pioneers in the industry, Cooler Master continues to provide cutting-edge solutions to communities around the world through its commitment to developing products that are inspired by communities they serve.

8) EVGA Precision X1

The last in the list of RGB Fusion substitutes is EVGA Precision X1. Control and monitoring of the video card is handled by EVGA’s Precision X1 software. That is another RGB Fusion replacement. Aside from tweaking and overclocking the card, this application allows you to control the fans and RGB LEDs on the card. The VGA section provides information such as memory speed, clock speed, voltage and power targets as well as VGA clock speed. Sliders are available for adjusting each option. EVGA’s Precision X1 proved to be an effective application for its intended use. Displaying the card’s stats on screen allows you to monitor them. It is easy to use, and all overclocking functions are controlled from one screen.


Q1. What can I use instead of RGB Fusion?

The sites like RGB Fusion are EVGA Precision X1, ASRock Polychrome RGB Sync, Cooler Master Masterplus+, Razer Synapse, MSI Dragon Center and MSI Mystic Light Sync, Asus Aura sync, Corsair iCUE, JackNet RGB Sync and many more.

Q2. Does RGB fusion only work with Aorus?

It is necessary to use the RGB Fusion 2.0 app in order to use the RGB lighting on the Aorus Series graphics cards. For the Aorus series of graphics cards to work with RGB light, you must uninstall RGB Fusion from your computer and install RGB Fusion 2.0.

Q3. What brands work with RGB Fusion?

The RGB Fusion works with G.SKILL KM780, G.SKILL MX780, Cooler Master MASTERKEYS PRO L RGB, and Cooler Master MASTERMOUSE PRO L.

Q4. Is RGB Fusion compatible?

Some RGB syncing is compatible with limited support. The Support Z390, Z370, X299, X470, X399 Series motherboards are most compatible with RGB.

Q5. Does RGB Fusion require a Gigabyte Motherboard?

In order to control the lighting on Gigabyte motherboards, you must install RGB fusion on your computer. With RGB fusion, RGB components can be controlled by any computer.