8 Best Retroarch Alternatives in 2022【Top Picks】- SWF

Retroarch is a computer application used as a front end for game engines, emulators, and media players. We have found some exciting alternatives to Retroarch for you.

Best Retroarch Alternatives 2022

Please look at these Retroarch alternatives.

1. Snes9x


If you are looking for an application to play the games designed for Super Nintendo Entertainment System on your PC, you are at the right place.

2. GameHub

GameHub can fulfill your requirement of a manager for the games library.


It is a free and open-source PSP emulator that alternates the Retroarch.

4. SteamOS


It is a Linux distribution that runs Steam games and Valve’s Steam.

5. Project64

This application is designed to meet the requirement of implementation of the software of 3rd party developers.

6. ePSXe

ePSXe is the PlayStation that is designed for x86-based PC hardware.

7. DEmul

If you want to play commercial Sega Dreamcast games without any problem, this model is designed for you.

8. ROMNation


It provides you with direct links to various popular games and does not require any registration.


Is RetoArch harmful to PC?

No, it is safe for PC.

RetoPie uses which OS?

A Linux distribution, Raspberry Pi OS is used by RetroPie.

Which one is better, either Batocera or RetroPie?

For beginners, Batocera is best, but RetroPie has the largest community.