5 Alternatives To Pluraleyes in 2022 【Open Source】 – SWF

Syncing your cameras and audio devices is as easy as pushing a button. PluralEyes analyzes audio and syncs it all in seconds. It does not require clapboards or timecodes.

But if you are still looking for something more, we’ve got some amazing pluraleyes alternatives for you.

Best Pluraleyes Alternatives 2022

Here’s a list of 5 Pluraleyes alternatives for you to check out:

1. QT Sync

qt syncQT sync is a free movie player, timecode inserter, syncer and offers a lot more to you.

2. Entangle for Avid

A paid software that gives you premium service with its audio sync and dual audio options.

3. Tentacle sync

tentacle syncMight seem like it, but Tentacle sync does a lot more than just sync audio. It’s a perfect piece of software to have in your pocket.

4. Woowave Dreamsync

woowave dreamsyncWoowave uncomplicates all your audio and video syncing needs as it offers compatibility with OS and windows.

5. Syncaila

With Syncaila, you can completely automate audio and video synchronisation.


Q1. How much is pluraleyes?

Its basic purchase price is around $299.

Q2. How do I export from pluraleyes to premiere?

Select File > New Project in Premiere Pro and import the XML file above into PluralEyes. When exporting, choose Premiere Pro as the export format. Import the synchronised XML file into Premiere Pro.

Q3. How long is pluraleyes free trial?

It is 14 days long.