15 Best Pastebin Alternatives in 2022 【Top Picks】

As the computer and software industry grew, the need for new applications to reduce time and effort also increased. Thus, text storage and uploading web application came into existence by the name of “Pastebin”. If the users wanted to share text snippets or codes with other users online, they would use Pastebin. 

It was launched in 2002 and made it hassle-free for the users to share code blocks, formatted properly and also without disturbing the chat flow. This website was founded after being inspired by a PHP-based program for sharing codes. Back in those days, the IRC chat rooms were quite basic as compared to those of today like WhatsApp. Also, if anybody posted a 50-line code block, it disturbed the flow of other messages. This is when Pastebin sites come into action. 

It allows the users to paste huge blocks of codes with proper formatting and highlighted syntax. Once you want to share, simply post the link in the chat because the URL is single-lined and doesn’t take too much space, and proved to be a great solution. 

Most of the Pastebin sites have legit uses but some people exploit its use and post malware code, steal information, etc. The Pastebin.com site is a good option, but most people look for other apps like Pastebin due to privacy issues as well as pro subscription problems. 

Pastebin Alternatives 2022:

Have a look at the top 14 sites like Pastebin below:

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1) ControlC

Most people know ControlC as Tinypaste because previously this was the name of this Pastebin site. ControlC is on the top of our list because it makes life extremely easy for sharing as well as non-coding users. After writing a text title you will see an option for formatting the text. Along with that, to make your text look unique, you can also use bold, strikethrough, italic, or highlight the code. Another plus point for ControlC is that it offers support for YouTube Videos. As Pastebin lets you see the current public pastes on the site, ControlC doesn’t let you do so. All the pastes are private and the search engines cannot see them. Moreover, you can set passwords to protect what you paste. In short, this simple-yet modern Pastebin site is fuss-free and easy to use.

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2) Ghostbin

Looking for a site with an attractive interface? Ghostbin is the right place. This Pastebin alternative is completely editable. Having a whole text field makes it unique and attractive. Simply copy and paste the text and share it after selecting the language of your choice from the dropdown box, with frequently used languages being on top. It allows you to make an account that helps you to be updated with the paste history. Ghostbin is a no-nonsense Pastebin replacement that has no service ads, registration process, or CAPTCHA codes. It is attractive yet simple. 

3) Rentry.co

Unlike the other two options discussed above this Pastebin substitute only focuses on the written text instead of being a Pastebin for code. That doesn’t restrict you from using it for codes, but the main job of Rentry.Co is a Markdown text editor. The clean interface helps the users to concentrate better on the writing. Moreover, you can have a preview to have an idea of how your text looks before sharing. After sharing a document on this site, it will give you an edit code. It is helpful for the future too, in case you need to make amendments in the code, so keep it safe. Another plus point is that you can customize URLs as well as edit code. 

4) HasteBin

This Pastebin replacement is the easiest and the simplest bin you’ll ever come across. As sharing code is a good activity, it should be hassle-free to do it, thus HasteBin is a minimalist in this regard. Simply press a few buttons and the job is done. A shareable URL is also present once you enter your code. Having a clean web interface not only means to be simple but to be free from pop-up ads as well, and HasteBin wins in this component too. Moreover, you can save the pastes for 30 days. So, whenever there is a HasteBin vs PasteBin debate, do consider mentioning these points. 

5) ZeroBin


Till now every Pastebin alternative is different from another, and ZeroBin is not behind. This bin focuses more on privacy instead of the interface and the code itself. From the dropdown menu, select “Format” which will give you three options to choose from Plain text, Source Code, Markdown. Select anyone you wish to add to your text editor. For privacy issues, you can select the “Burn after reading” option. It will destroy the message link after it has been opened once. Along with that, you can also set a timer for expiration which is 5 minutes by default but can be extended to one week. 

6) JsFiddle

Solely created for Javascript/CSS/HTML coding, JsFiddle is also quite similar to Pastebin. After copy-pasting the codes, you can also test run them before saving them. Plus, the format can be edited according to your choice to make it look neat. Additionally, the users also have access to libraries like jQuery. Since this site allows you to customize you can create codes easily. The best part is that JsFiddle creates a local backup if you forget to save it on your end or face any other issue. 

7) GitHub Gist


No programmer’s life is complete without being a member of GitHub Gist. It is a segment of GitHub where you can share and postcode snippets without any trouble. However, it is not necessary to be a part of GitHub, if you want to create a gist or share code snippets, but the other users will think that the gist is posted anonymously. Its pages also allow the users to create a blogging site with Jekyll. GitHub Gist, with a clean interface, makes it one of the top choices for code sharing. 

8) Ideon

Programmers around the world consider Ideon as a mini Debugger and a compiler because it offers support for more than 60 programming languages. Ideon runs on Sphere Engine, which gives full privacy to communicate efficiently. The user interface is simple and doesn’t aid in eye strain. The first step would be to select a programming language, obtain source code and you are good to go. The only drawback is that Ideon is only for programmers. 

9) CodePen.io


If you ask the front-end developers and designers about the best social development platform to create websites, find cases, and gain inspiration, they will take the name CodePen.io. This Pastebin alternative is a strong editor with all the important tools and services which enhance a user’s experience and makes the code faster. Moreover, the users also get to enjoy an eccentric profile that gives a look of the front-end developer portfolio. It lets the users showcase all their work and prove themselves to be creative geniuses. There are four solutions on CodePen.io that resolve issues regarding the team, education, privacy, and writing. Each of these has its unique features and tools to enhance a user’s experience. 

10) Bootsnipp

Web designers and web developers love working on Bootsnipp because it provides them with an element gallery. There are many exciting features for them like blog carousel being one of them. Apart from that, there are multiple snippets available on the site from which the users can select and paste in their projects. Plus, some features help in Bootstrap. The users can also make changes to the snippet according to their taste before they add it to their projects. The research page helps them to filter keywords based on their ongoing task as well. 

11) PasteFS

If you are in search of advanced tools to store and share code snippets then PasteFS is for you. It is not only for codes but files and documents can also be shared publicly or privately. Unlike Pastebin.com, this site has more added features that enhance the user’s experience. You can also store images, files, and multiple programming codes on this site. Since this site makes it easy to retrieve and share codes, normally programmers use it to make their life easy.

12) PrivateBin



If you are looking for an open-sourced web-based substitute for Pastebin, then head over to PrivateBin. Its server keeps zero knowledge of the data which the users paste. By using the 256bit AES, PrivateBin encrypts and decrypts the data in the browser. Although all the features are pretty much alike, there are additional facilities like code sample, encryption of the data, etc. Plus, users can also upload images or GIFs which makes it a good option instead of Pastebin. Other features of PrivateBin include highlighting syntax, multiple templates, and various languages to choose from. 

13) CodeSandbox


This website is a mock-up tool for web development. CodeSandbox offers users to test their ideas quickly and efficiently. The only thing you would need is a web browser to avail the service and after that, you can code from any part of the world without any specific software setting. Moreover, the users can preview the changes while they are doing it. 

14) Plunker.co


This alternative is for all, as it is an online community that lets everyone create and share their web development ideas. Plunker. co is a one-stop-shop as it offers many features, code templates, and developer groups are two of them. The users can also create and use any programming language hassle-free. Plunker. co has amazing editing tools that let the user code swiftly. Plus, there are no limitations on uploading, saving, or sharing the code with others.


Above we discussed several sites that can prove to be helpful if you are looking for substitutes for Pastebin.Even though all the options have their pros and cons, sticking to one of them which you find best will save your time and effort. The Pastebin site itself is good but if you are in a hunt for other options that could serve your need comparably well, then the above 14 alternatives can help you complete your task.