20 Best Panda Helper Alternatives in 2022 【Free】 – SWF

The Panda Helper app store is a popular 3rd-party app store that offers tools and games for iPhones and Android devices.

However, if you’re looking for something more, then we’ve got some panda helper alternatives for you as well.

Best Panda Helper Alternatives 2022

Have a look at the list of these 20 panda helper alternatives.

1. Appcake

appcakeIf you’re an iphone user, then appcake will help you get 3rd party apps easily on your device.

2. AC market

If you’re looking for something android specific, then you should definitely get the AC market.

3. Sileo

sileoAnother one for iOS users. It is a highly popular 3rd party app installer for iphones.

4. CokerNutx

CokerNutx is a platform that caters to both android and iPhone users. 

5. Topstore

No jailbreaking for your iPhone is required with this app. Get your favourite unofficial apps in a few clicks.

6. Tweakbox

It is for both android and iOs and gives panda helper a run for its money.

7. 25pp

This iOs specific app is one of the must haves if you want some awesome 3rd party apps.

8. Altstore

You can get any .ipa apps on your apple tab or phone with Altstore.

9. Happymod App

happymodHappymod is packed with amazing unofficial games for your devices.

10. Zeus

One of the most popular unofficial app stores for iOS, Zeus is the high-quality platform that you deserve.

11. AppValley

AppValley definitely lives up to its name with massive amounts of modded and unofficial apps.

12. Tweakdoor

Here’s another one for our iPhone users to get their 3rd party apps from.

13. Hipstore

Hipstore works for both android and iOS users and provides a huge list of apps and it is very strict when it comes to privacy.

14. Flekstore

Download as many apps and games as you like, if you’re an iOS user that is.

15. iPABox

Yet another amazing replacement for panda helper with its unlimited amount of apps and games for iOS users.

16. Emus4u

It was initially meant for iOS but it has now opened its doors to android users as well.

mojo installer

Get the inventory of your dreams with the Mojo installer. However, that dream inventory is just for iOS users.

18. Asterix installer

Compatible with both android and iOS devices, Asterix offers a huge range of unofficial apps.

19. Tutu App

Get thousands of unofficial apps and games for absolutely no cost!

20. AppEven

This is the app to get for iOS users as it offers a lot and is compatible with all os versions.


Q1. Does panda helper harm your device?

No it does not, it is useful and completely safe to use.

Q2. What can I use instead of panda helper?

We have compiled a long list of alternatives for you to check out!

Q3. Does panda helper have a virus?

No it does not. It is very reliable and very safe.