10 Best Live2d Alternatives in 2022【Open Source】- SWF

Live2d is a technology of animation and modeling made for artists. It transfigures conventional 2D sketches to produce fluid motions and expressions. However, there are more valuable app alternatives to Live2D.

Best Live2D alternatives 2022

It would be best if you took a glance at these Live2D alternatives.

1. Enve

Enve is an open-source 2D animation app to produce raster and vector animations. Users can add video and audio media as well.

2. DragonBones


It contains a skeletal animation design panel and 2D animation library as well.

3. E-mote Free Movie Maker

You have the proper application if you want your expressions easily transformed into 3D.

4. Spine

It’s game development software to make your expressions alive.

5. Creature

The Creature is an appropriate app to convert your animation into 2D graphics.

6. Marionette Studio

Marionette Studio

This app makes it easy for beginners to create 2D graphics using marionette studio online.

7. Synfig Study

It is a powerful app that designs 2d animations of very high quality with minimum resources.

8. Anime Effects

Anime effect is an animation tool used to formulate your ideas.

9. TrueSpace

Truespace is an all-time featured app that allows you to produce online 3D content of your ideas and conventional images and videos.

10. Realflow

It’s a stand-alone app that lets users create dynamic and fluid simulations of conventional videos and images.


Is Live2D free?

Yes, you can have it free with limited features.

Who is the founder of Live2D?

A Japanese programmer, Tetsuya Nakajo, with his company Cybernoid is the founder of Live2D.

How can we make live2ds?

You can make a live2D model directly from an original static 2D character.