15 Best Kissmanga Alternatives in 2022 【Read Free】

If you are a manga or anime lover, you are surely looking for a kissmanga alternative. Since KissManga has been the best free manga providing site for more than 8 years. It has always provided manga and anime fans of all ages with almost all the genres of manga (Japanese folks). Reading and writing manga has been done in the culture of Japan for years. People other than Japanese from all over the world like to read manga, which makes Kissmanga gain importance day by day. But since 2020, the shutdown of this website due to some issues with copyrights and Japanese piracy law enforcement has disappointed the fans, which led them to search for sites like kissmanga to read their favorite manga online. Many sites are available which are provide manga for reading for free or at half cost. 

We have searched all over the internet and have come with the top 15 different Kissmanga alternatives for you. There are some sites better than kissmanga from where you can read free manga without any piracy issues 

Kissmanga alternatives 2022:

The following are the top 15 websites like Kissmanga:

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1) Manga Plus

Manga Plus is a perfect site similar to kissmanga. The manga available on this site is completely free. The manga is available in English and Spanish, so you can read your favorite manga easily. The Manga Plus by SHUEISHA is completely certified, so there is no need to download any pirated security app. On this website, you will be able to read manga from Japan’s weekly magazine “Weekly Shonen Jump”, comprising the world’s most famous mangas like “DRAGON Ball” or “NARUTO”. You can enjoy reading the new manga all over the world at the same time as they are released.

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2) Manga Fox

The next best kissmanga replacement iS Manga Fox. It is also, a free manga reading website is known that to almost all manga lovers. They collect all your favorite and most popular manga lawfully from the copyrights holders. They use third-party technology, so there is no worry about piracy. It is one of the world’s biggest manga reading platforms that provides an unlimited number of the most favorite and newly released manga all over the world. You can enjoy reading Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, Claymore, Air Gear, and much more well-known manga in the manga world. This website is suitable for all ages. 

3) MangaDex

MangaDex is one of the best manga sites like kissmanga. It includes a lot of the best manga on kissmanga. Due to its extensive coverage of leading languages for reading and the number of manga collections it contains, it’s gaining more importance in the manga world. This website is easier and simpler to use than other manga websites. You can find your manga genres and titles that you loved, with sorting options from old to new. The most commonly used languages on this website are English, Japanese, Spanish, and Chinese, etc. Apart from languages, the collection of manga is, also so good that you can find your desired manga right after searching. 

4) Merakiscans

On Merakiscans you can read manga free of cost without any ads and connect with people who have the same manga interest. You can share your interest and talk to other manga lovers. This website provides you with manga based on your choices. So, it can be a kissmanga substitute.  Besides the fact that this website is in a growing period yet, it has a lot of collections of manga that you can enjoy reading. There are a lot of manga lovers from all over the world that enjoy reading manga in Chinese, Korean, English, and other languages. 

5) Mangafreak

Mangafreak is a manga reading website that has been providing people around the globe with old to latest manga in the English language. Their vision is to share good stories and manga so that people will read and enjoy good manga. Their main goal is that manga lovers should appreciate the writers and artists creating manga for readers. So that readers will share and promote their favorite manga writers. The Mangafreak team aimed to provide manga in the English language because most of the readers reading online are not raw manga users. You can also download free manga to read it anywhere.

6) Mangakakalot 

Other site like Kissmanga is Mangakakalot, which has millions of manga collections. It has almost 24,000 manga that is translated into the English language, including Naruto, Tokyo Ghoul, Fairy Tales, Attach on Titan, Baruto, and much more manga that is readers’ favorites. Enjoy your favorite manga online and free of cost with HD graphics. You can also share the manga you like with your friends through Facebook or WhatsApp. They update all the manga daily so you can have access to manga according to Japanese time. Rejoice in reading manga with an advanced UI. 

7) Manga Me

Manga Me is the largest, growing manga library with almost 30000 plus manga which is updated on daily basis. This site will help you to experience reading the best manga in the kissmanga list of manga. You can read manga in a decent and simple-to-operate user interface. Enjoy reading your favorite manga and downloading it to read when you’re not connected to the internet  You can make a collection of your favorite manga and can read new chapters when they are released. Moreover, you can also find your recent manga list in the history section, which is amazing. 

8) Manga Reader

Manga Reader is the simplest manga reading website. It comprises millions of manga for manga lovers. It is different than other websites as it also provides anime series for streaming and games for playing. Manga lovers can upload their manga on this website to get feedback from other manga readers. There are multiple categories of manga with proper titles that are revised day-to-day. The quality of graphics in each manga is amazing. Moreover, you can easily read and share trending manga on the website free of cost. They provide newly-released content effectively without any delay.

9) Manga Panda

Another alternative website is Manga Panda which has thousands of manga available for reading. It includes all genres of manga that are not easily available on every site which means you can easily enjoy manga of your favorite genre. You can also list up a manga that you are searching for so that you can easily go through them in the history or search bar whenever you want. All the manga on this website is translated into English. 

10) Manga Stream

If you are a manga lover and want to rejoice in the legal, free, and high-quality manga then Manga Stream is the best alternative. There is a huge amount of manga material available on it. There are no limitations on the website so you can enjoy the best selection of manga. It has a user-friendly UI and it provides some very amazing genres like science fiction, action, and romance which manga lovers love the most. There is also an option through which you can switch between different languages such as English, Spanish, and Chinese, etc. While using this website you can stream completed, all, up-going, updated, new versions or genres of manga that you love.

11) Manga Here

On Manga Here you can read Hot Manga daily. You can browse manga by status, by initial alphabets, and by genres. This will help you to find manga of your choice easily. Moreover, it also shows your manga reading history so you can easily find your manga later. Also, if you want to read online, you will have the option of creating a bookmark so that you can start reading your manga from where you left it. There are unlimited manga collections available for you to read online for free. The website is updated every day, so you can enjoy reading every chapter of your favorite manga without any ads. Moreover, you can also download your favorite manga for reading offline. 

12) Comixology

Comixology is a website like kissmanga which is aimed at providing new and unique content to its users. It’s a cloud-based website that provides many lovers with digital manga online. Manga lovers can read manga for free or after buying it. Some of the manga on this website are paid, which means only users paying for such manga will be able to read them. The collection of manga on this website is large enough so you can read any kind of manga related to any genre. Manga lovers can enjoy their favorites in the English language.

13) MangaKisa

Like other manga reading websites, MangaKisa provides manga for free without any advertising hurdles. This website is supported by crowdfunding. This website is specifically designed as an alternative to MangaDex, yet it has a different, easy-to-use interface, and features so that manga readers can enjoy their reading experience. It comprises millions of manga for manga lovers. There is another feature in this website that allows you to sort manga, that you liked reading, in authors, releasing dates, and genres.

14) Manga Park

Manga Park allows manga lovers to read millions of manga online. This website is very similar to MangaDex but has some new features which make it different. The website allows you to create your account and set up all the settings to experience a better user interface. You can also choose the theme of the website, which is so unique. This website is much like a social media app that offers manga. Within the website, you can select specific genres so that you can only get suggestions from your selected genres.

15) Webtoon 

Among the alternatives to Kissmanga Webtoon is a website where you can browse, read and write manga. It has advanced features through which you can create a good manga story. There is no limit to sharing manga, so you can write unlimited manga. There are a lot of templates that manga writers can use to write their manga stories. Writers can also customize the graphics and quality of the characters. This means that this website will help you explore and read different types of manga.


Q1. What happened KissManga 2020?

In 2020, KissManga the world’s largest illegally providing manga website was shut down due to Japan’s crackdown on piracy. It was seen that most of the content on these websites has copyright issues. 

Q2. Why did KissManga shut down?

KissManga website shut down along with the KissAnime website because of copyright issues and the threat of not following Japanese new online piracy laws. 

Q3. Is Kissmanga org safe?

KissManga website is specifically known as a site with shady advertisements which redirect its users to other websites. These websites are known to be dangerous and most probably provide malware to smartphones and computers. So, we can say that KissManga org is not safe to use.