18 KissCartoon Alternatives in 2022 【FREE Cartoons/Movies】

KissCartoon is an animated television show and movie streaming website that provides free streaming. They show various animated television shows and movies from the United States. It’s a great place to find free movies and TV shows for kids as well as those who like cartoons. There is no content hosted on its servers, as most of the major online streaming services do. You can find the content you’re looking for through KissCartoon, which is a lot like a very large telephone directory.

Numerous KissCartoon alternatives can be found at low or no cost. It’s legal and safe to use these options, which may be accessible from virtually any web-connected device. Some premium channels are only available via subscriptions or bundle packages that include the channel. It is usually easier for users to access these apps and websites through various security measures. As an example, you might be able to create a playlist or pick up where you left off.

KissCartoon Alternatives 2022:

These KissCartoon substitutes are given down below

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1) KissAnime

There’s a lot of overlap between both sites KissAnime as well as in KissCartoon. Anime is a type of Japanese animation characterized by vivid graphics, unique character designs, and fantastic themes. By comparison, KissAnime’s layout and design should be instantly recognizable to users of KissCartoon.

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2) WatchCartoonsOnline

Watch cartoons online has a really simple layout and theme that make it easy for parents as well as for children to use it. The kiss cartoon has simplified its feature which makes it easy to find new interesting content. The 300+ page catalog of cartoons can be viewed page-by-page or by searching through the search bar.

3) CartoonExtra

CartoonExtra does just what it says: it’s extra fun! You can stream all popular cartoon series on this polished online streaming site as well as movie and comic collections. 

4) AnimeToon

You can watch anime at AnimeToon almost immediately after it airs on television if you are an anime fan. You can even watch the site from virtually anywhere with the Android app. However, AnimeToon is not available in Play Store, but at least it’s just one more reason to explore or visit AnimeToon website. 

5) Nyaa

The Nyaa BitTorrent tracker is an all-Japanese torrent tracker. Japanese video games, Japanese software, Japanese anime, live action movies, and even Japanese music can be downloaded via this app. There is a significant difference in download speeds, but patience pays off.

6) Toonova

Toonova is another kisscartoon alternative that appeals to many people. Start by taking a look at the site’s new cartoon episodes as soon as they’re released; even the most rabid cartoon fans shouldn’t hesitate to check them out. Upon clicking on a show’s name, you will be taken to another page where you can read the review, see ratings, know when the show started, when it ended, and which genre it belongs to. A website where released episodes of old cartoons can be viewed are frequently updated. To top it off, Toonova makes many episodes accessible via different mirrors, so they are always available.

7) WatchSeries

Unlike the other sites mentioned in this article, WatchSeries does not specialize in any particular genre. There is a variety of content available on its website, including Game of Thrones, Titans, Black Mirror, and The Big Bang Theory. As it is not a myth that cartoon fans only watch cartoons.


8) BakaBT

The BakaBT BitTorrent tracker is a semi-private anime-themed BitTorrent tracker. By virtue of being semi-private, BakaBT only accepts people who have done an interview in the IRC channel first.There are some people who prefer private BitTorrent sites like BakaBT; however, these sites provide excellent download speeds and reliability. Nonetheless, not everyone will be able to use them.

9) AnimeStory

Japanese anime can be found on AnimeStory in both dubbed and subtitled versions. The staff behind AnimeStore actually listens to the requests users make and promptly handles them.


10) KimCartoon

There’s no better place to watch cartoons online than KimCartoon. Along with its well-crafted design, KimCartoon also boasts a wide variety of cartoons, including both classics like The Tom and Jerry Show and more recent cartoons.

11) ToonGet

As with Kisscartoon replacement, ToonGet has existed for several years without changing the domain address of the website; unlike many others, they do not often change domain names. An alphabetical index of cartoons and TV shows is provided. The episode you’re watching will be described before you open the link. In case a particular player does not work, the website also offers different players.

12) Cartoon Network

In the past two decades, Cartoon Network has been a part of so many youths and continues to be so now. Well, in addition to viewing it on our TV set, you can also view it online. The content/images of this website are safe and well-guarded compared to those of other websites that include explicit ads. Thus, it is one of the best and famous site like Kisscartoon.

13) Crunchyroll

Cruchyroll is a well-known website and also a most frequent and easy alternative to Kisscartoon. On the website, you can find an index of anime shows and films. With its high-quality video and excellent performance, it’s one of the best in the world. Additionally, more than a decade has passed since this was established. The exact same domain is still used after many years. Among Crunchyroll’s many advantages is its ad-free feature (for paid subscribers) and swift episode release (as soon as episodes air). The website is divided into sections that contain latest anime news, new episodes that will be released soon, feature shows, Crunchyroll news, and contest information.

14) 9Anime

Among the several alternatives to KissCartoon, 9Anime is the most popular as it offers thousands of the best cartoons and anime right after their release. The official domain for 9Anime since its creation is 9anime.ru, but there are hundreds of URL for 9Anime. On this streaming site, anime episodes in 1080p quality can be viewed in both subbed and dubbed versions.

15) GogoAnime

Due to its wide range of genres, GoGo Anime is a great option for fans of cartoons and anime. In addition to the original series, there are many entertaining TV shows in English dubbing. Additionally, Chinese subtitles can be streamed. GoGoAnime provides users with an array of options to search, including genres, anime lists, new releases, types, FBOX, and home.

16) AnimeDAO

A website where you can watch full episodes and streaming episodes of anime and Cartoons, AnimeDAO. On the website, viewers can find the latest episode releases, ongoing series, as well as fresh additions to the archive. Compared to KissCartoon, this is a top-notch alternative. There is English subtitling for all episodes and movies. They can be played on a PC, tablet, or smartphone.

17) AnimeFreak

AnimeFreak is the best place to find anime/cartoon content, featuring thousands of episodes of popular cartoons and anime shows. Its manga library, available through AnimeFreak, provides another bonus. If you navigate and view content on AnimeFreak, you will encounter frequent ads, even though the service is 100% free.

18) CartoonCrazy

If you are trying to find the best cartoon sites like KissCartoon, Cartooncrazy is a great and remarkable alternative. If you are looking for subs and dubs of cartoons and anime, you should check out this site. One can find a wide variety of cartoons and anime in this website’s library. Although it is gaining popularity in most developed countries, including Canada, Australia, the UK, and the United States, it is still an alternative.


Q1. What are some sites similar to KissCartoon?

The kissCartoon substitutes are YouTube, Trunchyroll, Crackle, Crunchyroll, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, Comedy Central, Cartoon Network, GogoAnime, 9Anime, Masterani and many more.