20 Best Kissanime Alternatives in 2022 【FREE Anime】

The anime culture, which originated from Japan, is not only limited to that part of the world now. This pop culture has taken the world by storm, its fans are spread all across the world. After the first anime series “Astroboy”, nobody could stop the anime industry from growing. However, most of the viewers aren’t willing to subscribe to websites to watch anime and look for options that provide free streaming. 

Anime fans have hunted down one such website named “Kissanime” which allows the users to watch their favorite anime shows absolutely free. Not every site was able to meet the fans’ demands, either the alternatives lacked in quality or the quantity of the content. Fans were able to find the best anime on Kissanime without paying a penny.

Unfortunately, the site was shut down in August 2020. It was a setback for anime lovers around the world and they were soon searching for sites that are like Kissanime. Apart from that many users also complained that the website keeps crashing which makes them unable to stream their favorite content. As anime sites like Kissanime are the need of the hour, you are lucky enough to land here because this article comprises the top 19 websites like Kissanime. 

Kissanime Alternatives 2022:

Have a look at Alternatives To Kissanime below:

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1) Anime Planet

The first Kissanime alternative on our list is AnimePlanet. Launched in 2001, this website has become one of the largest platforms for anime and manga lovers. Properly categorized, with a user-friendly interface has landed this Kissanime substitute on the top of our list, and also because of the massive anime collection categorized as new, old, popular dubbed, etc.

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2) Crunchyroll

There is no doubt that Crunchyroll is the fan’s most loved Kissanime replacement as here you’ll find anime dubbed along with subtitles, which helps non-native fans understand the plot. Crunchyroll not only contains anime but manga and dorama too. Launched in 2006, this website has been the talk of the town among anime and manga fans. As it was hard to find sites better than Kissanime, the users now find Crunchyroll as the best substitute because it provides them with a comfortable viewing experience. 

3) AnimeFreak

People in search of a good replacement for Kissanime also land on AnimeFreak to binge-watch their favorite shows. This website has been a go-to place for most of the fans because it doesn’t require an account to access the website. AnimeFreak allows you to sort the shows list according to your preference and contains complete chapters of the show you are watching. The user-friendly interface gives a comprehensive review of the shows, ratings, and episodes. Moreover, you can download AnimeFreak and enjoy watching offline hassle-free. 

4) Animedao

Another substitute to Kissanime is Animedao and has been popular among Anime lovers ever since it was launched. Not only does it let the users watch their favorite series, but light novels and manga series are also available on Animedao too. Another plus point is that there is a Report/request option that helps the viewers to request their favorite shows or report any problem. Animedao doesn’t only stream series but there is a list of movies for Anime fanatics too. 

5) Anime Karma

AnimeKarma deserved to be on our list because of its extensive catalog for Anime fans. From trending movies to highly IMDB-rated series, everything is available for free. It allows the user to sort it by genre, released date, and quality. Unlike the above sites, AnimeKarma provides only a single server link but is still a good free platform to satisfy your Anime cravings. 

6) AniWatcher

If you are searching for the best legal website to watch new and popular Anime, then there is no other website like AniWatcher. The extensive collection contains series of almost every genre you wish to see. You can find multiple links to all the series both old and new. The subbed and dubbed options are also available for the shows and don’t require any registration or personal information. 

7) AnimeLab

Thousands of Anime genres to binge watch from? A dream come true for die-hard fans and AnimeLab is the one-stop solution for the Anime lovers out there. Unlike other alternatives, AniLab allows you to watch an overview of the show including the title, language option, and the number of episodes, by hovering on the thumbnail.  The only drawback is that AniLab is only available in Newzealand and Australia, but you can use VPN for streaming if you live in other regions.

8) AnimeHeaven

As the name suggests, it is undoubtedly heaven for Anime fans around the world. Either you wish to watch a movie, or a series from Japan, all are available for free on AnimeHeaven. This Kissanime alternative allows you to stream content in high quality. Plus, you can see all the releases of ongoing anime episodes. In this way, you will never miss an episode of your favorite series. 

9) Watchop

This website is themed on Japan’s famous and longest-running Anime series, “One Piece”. If you are a fan of it, you might enjoy watching the series on this platform. Watchop is a user-friendly website where you can find every episode from the start to the latest ones. You can even find a countdown watch that displays when the next episode will be released, keeping all the fans hyped up throughout that time. 

10) NWAnime

Another good replacement for Kissanime is NWAnime. Just like all other options, this one is also a free website that will satisfy your need to watch Anime. One good thing about this site is that all the latest releases are available on the site surprisingly fast. The creator cares about the viewers, hence the interface is simple with fewer buttons to avoid eye-strain. 

11) Chia-Anime

Another good option to watch Anime for free is Chia-Anime. You cannot only watch it in high quality but also download them. In this way, you don’t have to wait for the episodes to load. Moreover, non-native fans can enjoy watching their favorite Japanese series, subbed in English. The attractive interface of Chia-Anime lets the user have a great experience allowing them to choose from thousands of movies, series, dramas, or even soundtracks. 

12) GoGoAnime

We cannot miss out on this one while compiling the list of best websites similar to Kissanime. You can find even the rarest series on this platform, and of course, the new ones too. The list of shows is arranged in alphabetical order, making the interface simple for the users. If you are a die-hard fan and you choose GoGOAnime, you are at the perfect place. 

13) AnimeFrenzy

Like every other substitute we mentioned above, AnimeFrenzy is also packed with hundreds of shows for the fans. Its database is updated every day with the latest shows. Adding to its versatility is the American cartoon series, available in the library. To avoid any eye strain, the homepage doesn’t have unnecessary buttons and the contents are well-organized too. You can download the AnimeFrenzy app on any Android device from the Playstore as well. 

14) Animesim

Just like other amazing substitutes we mentioned above, Animesim is also a great video streaming platform. You don’t have to spend a penny to binge-watch your favorite anime episodes. You can easily find the list of all movies and shows on the homepage. And, either watch them online or download them in your desired quality. 

15) Masteranime

If you are looking for an HD option to stream your desired anime for free, then Masteranime is for you. With an extensive database containing hundreds of movies and shows, die-hard fans don’t need to sign up or pay for it to enjoy. While all other websites have stuck with a simple interface, the creators of Masteranime, came up with an eye-catching yet easy interface. Another plus point is that you can check the release date of any episode and the date on which it will be uploaded on Masteranime. 

16) JustDubs

JustDub is another good option if you don’t like all the other ones we mentioned above. This free website has all the popular anime videos. The fun part is that every single video has subtitles that don’t restrict users from watching their favorite anime. Not only movies or series, but a lot of animated stuff is also available on JustDubs for the fans to enjoy. But, as the name suggests, plenty of dubbed movies are also available for free and one can surely find what they are looking for. 

17) A2zAnime

This is another high-rated website for die-hard anime lovers. The video quality on this website ranges from 380p to 1080p. Moreover, the users also have the option to rate the series they have watched. In this way, people who are planning to watch that specific series will have an idea if it is worth the watch or not. A2zAnime has an uncomplicated interface and a wide range of genres to choose from, including action, fantasy, horror, romance, magical, etc. 

18) HorribleSubs

The above alternatives are quite old but HorribleSubs has recently come into existence. Even though it’s new, it has made a good name among the Anime lovers because of the availability of a wide range of shows to choose from. It also has an option to select different resolutions, ranging from 480p to 1080p. HorribleSubs also has a “Release Schedule” tab where you can be updated with the release date and time of a specific show. 

19) Anime Land

Looking for the best dubbed sites to watch anime? Anime Land is the perfect place for you. Here you can download or watch any anime series dubbed in English without signing up. This free website has tons of dubbed movies and series to watch which you can easily enjoy on both PC and mobile devices.


Q1. What can I use instead of Kissanime now?

There are plenty of alternatives to choose from. Be it Crunchyroll, AnimeFreak, GoGoAnime, AnimeFrenzy, all are good options for die-hard anime fans. You can search the content of your choice and watch them for free. 

Q2. Is Kissanime shut down 2022?

Unfortunately, Kissanime has been shut down. If you visit the website there is a notification that says  “All files are removed by copyright owners”. The website has been taken down permanently. 

Q3. Does Kissanime still exist?

Kissanime and Kissmanga have been closed forever due to piracy issues. It is no longer available and does not plan to come back. However, there are many websites on which you can stream anime for free.