20 Alternatives To Design Doll in 2022 【Open Source】 – SWF

The Design Doll software program allows users to manipulate human body models in 3D space. Artists will be able to create the poses and compositions they demand, with intuitive, easy-to-use controls.

But if this software just isn’t cutting it for you, then we’ve got some awesome design doll alternatives for you!

Best Design Doll Alternatives 2022

Here’s a list of the 20 design doll alternatives you need to check out:

1. MakeHuman

The top alternative for design doll is the MakeHuman software which is interactive and allows you to create realistic human models in 3D.

2. Poser

Another amazing 3D graphics software is Poser which is perfect for modeling 3D human figures.

3. Daz3D

With Daz3D you can not only construct human figures but you can also run animations which all can be done in a user-friendly way.

4. VRoid Studio

If you want to easily use your 3D models in VR and AR then VRoid Studio is the way to go.

5. JustSketchMe

Create poseable mannequins online with JustSketchMe, which makes it a perfect option for fashion designers.

6. Adobe Fuse CC

Adobe has always been well known and very reliable which makes the Fuse CC a good choice for 3D human configuration.

7. MB-Lab

With just some simple tools, you can create a human-like 3D character that you can even share with others.

8. SetPose

If you’re in a fashion school or a designing course, then SetPose is a convenient and friendly app to have.

9. Magic Poser

Create complicated 3D models in even more complicated poses with the Magic Poser app.

10. Curvy 3D

Made specifically for designers and artists, Curvy 3D is perfect for beginners to create their own 3D figures.

11. Pixeldudesmaker

If you’re looking for something more light and fun, Pixeldudesmaker allows you to make cute little pixelated characters.

12. RPG character builder

Perfect for gamers, RPG character builder lets you create animated game characters in a matter of moments.

13. Natron

You can create animated 2D characters with Natron so you can build your models even faster.

14. Gllara

It is an OS dedicated program for building 3D models with excellent quality.

15. Sculptris

As the name suggests, it is a sculpting tool that can be used virtually to create 3D figures, whether you are a beginner or a professional.

16. Blender

Mix together creations and animations with this amazing and free creative tool.

17. Sketchfab

Sketchfab is a website that allows its users to build on and view 3D models as per their requirements. 

18. 3D Coat

With 3D-Coat, you can create PBR surfaces, voxel sculptures, retopologize, and UV maps. It allows you to render and texture smart and fully designed materials. 

19. Mari

To texturize and paint in 3D, Mari is going to come quite handy. It allows you to perform your tasks effectively and quickly.

20. SharpConstruct

Lastly, SharpConstruct is an app that will let you construct 3D models of high sophistication.


Q1. Is design doll on an android?

Design doll is currently just for windows and does not even work on Mac.

Q2. How much is design doll?

The best part is that the Design doll is absolutely free!

Q3. Is there a free version of Poser?

Well, if you can’t afford poser, we have listed around 20 alternatives for poser that you can go through.