13 Alternatives To CodePen in 2022 【Free】

CodePen is a cloud-based, developmental tool for front-end designers and developers. You can find multiple alternatives to CodePen, which are not only websites but also apps for the different OS including Mac, Windows, Linux, and Android

CodePen Alternatives 2022:

Below mentioned are some sites like CodePen:

1. JSitor

This alternative to CodePen is the best as it is a cloud-based code tool that assists web developers to create or share web excerpts.It is perfect for JavaScript, CSS, and HTML systems.

2. SourceLair

SourceLair is an online integrated software application that allows you to code in up to 25 programming languages. 

3. jsFiddle


Another cloud-based JavaScript is on the list. This tool helps the developers to tweak their code and view their changes. jsFiddle works best for HTML and CSS code too. 

4. kodeWeave

It is a coding playground for Javascript, HTML, and CSS. KodeWeave works like JSFiddle and JS Bin but works offline too.

5. ShiftEdit

A strong online IDE that enables editing and reviewing different programs. Syntax highlighting and Integrated (S)FTP are some of its cool features. 

6. Plunker

By using this CodePen alternative, web developers can work and share ideas with each other. Plunker allows real-time collaboration so everyone can work simultaneously.

7. Codiad

Codiad is a completely online-based IDE and has minimal footprint requirements as well as advanced system hardware.

8. Snippet.host

Snippet.host, is a lightweight, ad-free text and code snippet hosting platform. Its main features are syntax highlighting in various languages and private snippets. 

9. Repl.it

Repl.it offers a comprehensive and cooperative cloud development environment. It has all the required features including debuggers to third-party packages, hosting and deployment, etc. 


Glitch lets you collaborate, respond, and modify codes quickly. Other features include instant hosting, and deployment, with which everyone can create a web app on Glitch.

11. inPaste

By using online pasteboard you can transfer your data from desktop to phone with the help of inPaste. 

12. JS Bin

Another alternative is the JS Bin, which is a collaborative open-source debugging tool. You can choose popular JS libs from its menu, in this way you don’t need to memorize the URL.

13. GitHub Codespaces

By using GitHub you can use your configurations on the go because preferences and extensions are already saved in it. However, if we talk about CodePen vs Github Codespaces, the latter currently limits the users to 5 concurrent working codespaces. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is CodePen the best?

Even though CodePen wasn’t the first, it’s definitely the most popular and best code playground. 

What is better than jsFiddle?

The best alternative to jsFiddle is CodePen which is free. Apart from that other alternatives to jsFiddle include Repl.it, Pastebin.com and CodeSandbox

Can you use Python on CodePen?

CodePen can be used to understand, create, run, test your python script. Simply open the script on your local and create using the online IDE. 

What are the best web development playgrounds?

CodePen, JsFiddle, JSBin, and CSSDeck are a few good coding playgrounds for web developers.