15 Best Chegg Alternatives in 2022 【Free】

No student’s life is complete without having a helping hand outside the school. And, living in this modern era, most students reach out to the internet to seek help. Many online education platforms have dedicated their services to help the students who are struggling with their assignments or even for test preparation. 

One such platform is “Chegg” which has been dominating this industry for a long time and even more during the Covid-19 era. It helps the students to find solutions to their questions, get homework help, and much more. There are cheap books available on rent as well. Other resources include a plagiarism checker and flashcards for better learning. 

The package for the Chegg study starts from $14.95/month. This fee is not affordable for most of the students out there, hence they look for cheaper or free options like Chegg. If you are such a student, then you have landed on the right platform because this article is all about websites like Chegg.

Best Chegg Alternatives 2022:

Have a look at the top 14 sites like Chegg below:

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1) Course Hero

At the top of our list is Course Hero because it’s not only the top choice of students after Chegg but it also offers to study from more than 60 million study materials. On Course Hero, you can go through textbook problems along with their step-by-step guide on how to solve them. Moreover, this Chegg alternative gives the answers to students within 15 minutes. 

This website has cheaper subscription plans than Chegg and starts from $9.95 per month. Even for the free plan, you have to pay per question, but the monthly payment includes a certain amount of questions with solutions. The interface is also easy, as you can search the study materials according to your subject as well as topic. Unlike Chegg, you don’t have to pay extra to receive answers from experts.

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2) Quizlet

Another great Chegg substitute is Quizlet. It is a perfect website for studying, homework assistance and practice for exams. Quizlet allows you to access tons of textbooks for free, provides flashcards for better understanding, and search for questions on the topic of your choice. The good part is that you can compile useful flashcards into “study sets’ ‘ and even take screenshots for your ease. 

The website is free to use but it does come with a paid plan known as the Quizlet Plus plan. The paid part of the website lets the users access step-by-step solutions, create difficult figures and even study offline using the mobile application. Quizlet may have a paid plan, but its free version has more features than Chegg. 

3) Stack Exchange

If you’re solely looking for a site for Q&A assistance, then Stack Exchange is for you. It is the best website to look for answers on any topic. Be it chemistry, biology, accounting, or advanced engineering courses, Stack Exchange has answers to almost every question because it has over 170 sites and subdomains in its network. 

The good part is that this site is completely free. However, the answers you receive are not from the experts and none of the answers are reviewed by them. It means the students have to conduct their research to confirm the answers. Moreover, the users are awarded a badge if they post answers that others find helpful and most likely their answers are correct. 

4) Answers.com

Another great Chegg alternative is Answers.com. This platform has a free plan which has adequate features for the student to help them with their studies. It also has a premium plan known as “Answers +”. The surprising part is that the fee is a fraction of Chegg’s plan. The prices start from $1.99/month which is to be paid annually. 

Moreover, there are flash sales on the website on which you can avail up to 50% off. This cheap paid plan allows the subscribers to ask unlimited questions. It also has a math solver tool that breaks down math problems into easier step-by-step solutions. One drawback is that any user who registers can answer the questions, so you should conduct your research as well. 

5) Paul’s Online Math Notes

This website is for those who are on the hunt for solutions for university-level mathematics. His notes have proved helpful for the students who have used them. As the name suggests, the website is basically for notes and the students cannot ask questions. 

However, Paul has designed the notes in such a way that it answers all the possible queries of the students. Lamar’s University professor, Paul Dawkins created this site. This platform is free and requires an account to use it. Paul’s website is dedicated to maths solutions so it won’t distract you with other topics like Chegg. 

6) 24 Hour Answers

Companies like Chegg came into being as soon as the need for such learning platforms grew. It is one of the earliest Chegg replacements. A chemistry teacher launched this website in 2005, to help the students who struggle with their assignments and overall coursework. Even though it’s not free, 24 Hour Answers don’t ask you to pay a hefty subscription fee like Chegg’s. Students can find expert tutors with a fixed per hour rate, plus if they post a query they get a customized answer from any tutor. However, there is a one-time fee for every answer which varies according to the given answer. 

7) Bartleby

The best part about Bartleby is that it offers four main features i.e Bartleby Learn, Bartleby Write, Bartleby+, and Bartleby Tutor. Each of these features helps the students differently like writing essays, asking questions, or connecting with tutors for extra help. This alternative is quite similar to Chegg in terms of payment as it costs $9.99/month but it is still less than Chegg’s payment plan. Furthermore, if you are having second thoughts about paying for a full month, you can pay half for the first week i.e $4.99.

8) DoMyHomeworkPaid (2.0)

Procrastination is the main problem for students nowadays. They not only want the answers to the questions but look for anyone who can do their homework for them. The paid version of DoMyHomework is one such platform where you can pay the tutors and get your homework done. While there are plenty of assistants available that are ready to do your homework, there are some scammers too who are blocked from the site after being reported by the students. 

9) Tutor.com

This Chegg alternative is a class apart tutoring platform that offers courses, books, and admissions resources. The students cannot only prepare for tests but to get help for any coursework as well. The people working behind this website are highly qualified professors, Ivy League graduates, and PhDs. Students can also read a tutor’s bio before they connect with them, plus they can also review the ratings given by other students. 

Even if a parent is looking for an online tutor for an elementary school kid, they can find it here. Tutor.com is available 24/7, irrespective of the time zone. In short. Tutor.com is way better than Chegg when it comes to professional online tutoring sessions, which are one-on-one.

10) Quora

Another superb Chegg replacement is Quora. Not only is it free but you can ask unlimited questions on unlimited topics. Like a few alternatives above, some of the time the answers on Quora are not authentic as well. So you have to double-check the person’s profile who posted the answer. The positive side is that you can get answers from multiple sources. Having different answers and multiple viewpoints on a single topic allows the user/student to make the correct decision about choosing the right answer. You can also browse for questions to see if they are already asked and answered before. But, beware of those individuals who copy and paste answers to drive traffic to their blog posts. 

11) School Solver

The above substitutes that we discussed have two minor issues. If they are great in terms of quality they might be heavy on the pocket and if it’s not the case you might not find the feature that you want. But, School Solver comes in the middle. The questions you seek answers for are given by experts, but they are not the ones to quote price, you are! If the experts think that your quote is worth their time and effort, you get the answer. Students are even willing to pay as high as $100 per answer. However, it is truly your call that determines how much you wish to pay. 

12) StudyDaddy

Just like all other substitutes, StudyDaddy also requires to be paid if you need an answer to the question. The charges are not monthly but you have to pay per question. All you should do is simply upload the question and quote your price. Whoever, tutor agrees to the price will give you the answer. Plus, there are no extra charges for revisions and the tutor will not be paid unless the question is answered. 

13) Grademiners

Need help with essay writing? Give Grademiners a shot! This paper writing service has made life easy for easy writers as well as completing assignments. The tutors on this website guide the students on how to write a worth-reading essay. Grademiners have great features like whiteboards and good audio and video quality. Plus, their customer service is also up to the mark. 

14) TutorBin

A perfect combination of trust and accuracy is all that students need! Students can get their assignments solved on TutorBin and get help from expert tutors. They help the students in boosting their grades as well as clearing their concepts. Another unique feature is that students can have live sessions with the teachers to ask questions in the given timeframe. The experts at this site also provide detailed solutions and a step-by-step guide for all their assignments.


Q1. Who are Chegg competitors?

There are many competitors of Chegg like Course Hero, Quizlet, Bartleby, Khan, etc. These interesting alternatives not only compete well with Chegg but also offer unique features at low prices. 

Q2. Is there a way to bypass Chegg?

The easy way to bypass the Chegg site is to copy the URL in textsheet.com and it provides you the answer. Normally, it works for every question you post for free.