10 Best Bestgore Alternatives in 2022【Best Picks】- SWF

Bestgore app is a Canadian gore site that provides its users with unique gory videos, human butchering, and war images that can cause nightmares. In addition, we have got some alternatives to the bestgore app that provide you with some unique features and extra performances.

Best Bestgore Alternatives 2022

You should cast a look at these bestgore alternatives.

1. Rotten.com


A gore website Rotten.com is a shock site used to get extremist curiosities, contrary sex acts, and images of violent acts.

2. ShockGore


Another site alternative to bestgore is an online video community, shockgore, that provides its users with a massive range of gore videos, including real videos worldwide.

3. Deathclock

It’s a death date-telling website. The website tells its users their date of death based on their harmful habits.

4. TheYNC

TheYNC is a public video-sharing site containing all-time gore videos like accidents, homicides, videos of torture, etc.

5. Goregrish


It’s a platform where one can find gore videos like corpses, murders, suicide attempts, etc.

6. Body Modification Ezine

It’s a website where one can find and post videos and images of body modification like piercing in the nose, genitals, and anywhere on the body, tattoos, etc.

7. Death Date

It’s a unique and exciting website that tells its users their death date in three distinct ways.

8. Documenting Reality

A web-based platform, Documenting reality contains 100% real videos of crime cases with descriptions.

9. Hoodsite


One of the most famous online video communities is a hoodsite containing real-time accident videos, robberies, and shooting videos.

10. Leaked Reality

This website includes gore videos and videos with other content as well.


Does bestgore contain videos of a tiger attack?

Yes, it does. Lately, a 60 years old woman was attacked and killed by a tiger attack.

Will one be arrested to watch gore videos?

No, it’s not true. It’s a law of the US that one can watch whatever he wants.

Is bestgore a safe site?

Yes, it is an absolutely safe site.