22 Alternatives to 15 AI in 2022 【Best Free】

A 15 AI site is a free artificial intelligence web program. It helps people in converting a variety of fictitious characters into high-quality text to speech voices. The fictitious characters can be from various media resources. This project was under an MIT Researcher. To use this program audio synthesis methods, voice synthesis, deep neural networks, and sentiment analysis models were included in the program.

15 ai have the ability to generate 44.1 kHz voices of different characters. Using algorithms and specialized deep neural networks the voices may be duplicated. Voices that are generated are cloned on very little available data that is between 30 to 120 minutes. To make the process easy, each dialogue of the character must be clean. In today’s modern era, there are now several sites that are 15 ai alternatives. These sites have a similar working mechanism as 15 AI. Except they have a little bit of difference in them. 


The sites that are 15 AI alternatives are very much similar to 15 AI. These alternatives can perform the same functions as 15ai. Nowadays, sites like 15 AI are very impressive. This is because they can generate written words from a given output. 

Top 15 AI Alternatives 2022:

The below mentioned are the top alternatives.

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1) celebrityvoicechanger

This site has an application that is an alternative to 15 AI. HatsOfApps Inc. is the company that created the app. This program has the benefit of being compatible with both iOS and Android versions. With this application, people can change their voices into celebrity voices instantly.

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2) models-resource.com

This website “model resource” comes under the category of Video games, consoles. and accessories. It is a website that was made with the purpose of passion for 3D. They have separate models for mobile phones, computers, PlayStation, and PSP. Other than the model’s resources, they also offer texture and sound resources. 

3) pony.town

pony.town is also a gaming website. It includes ponies building a town of their own. This website has set some general rules to maintain peace in their games. Also, the violation of those rules leads to a permanent or temporary ban on the account.

4) spriter-resource.com

spriter-resource.com is dedicated to the collection, archival, and appreciation of things from the video game. This website allows the host to extract the sprites from the game. Moreover, it enables the host to custom-made the sprites. This website is under a famous game developer. In the past, it has been said that the game developer has been using references on animations and some other art.

5) sta.sh

sta.sh is an uploading and publishing platform. It is a storage staging area for the users for their images, animations, writing in process, and all the things in between them. The bonus point of this website is the security that it offers. The URL is only known to the user and can be shared with others if they want to. 

6) steamcommunity.com

steamcommunity.com is a community that helps in meeting new people and developing a community. It has nearly 30,000 games from indie to AAA to indie. Using this website, you can form clans with their friends. Also, they can enjoy automatic game updates and exclusive deals. You will never stop having fun with more than 100 friends or enemies. 

7) uberduck.ai

This website is a new AI tool. You can make any text sound by using this website. The voices on this website range from Spongebob to John F Kennedy. Nowadays, people have started using the voices of famous people around the world and use them as a viral TikTok trend. Moreover, Uberduck has the unique feature of copying a rapper’s flow. This feature is very attractive to the users. 

8) vimm.net

vimm.net is a gaming console website. It has thousands of games. The games on this website have full-color manual scans, ratings, and reviews. Users can play their favorite games by downloading an emulator. One thing that should be kept in mind is that the emulators are not perfect and cannot be used for every other game.  

9) steamunlocked.net

Steam Unlocked is a site that allows you to download your favorite games without any cost. These games are pre-installed on steam. It has more than 10 categories from which you can download games and enjoy. In comparison to other gaming sites, this site has pre-installed games. So, you don’t have to download it again and again. 

10) modulate.ai

modulate.ai is a voice chat website that is Boston-based. With this website, you can connect with people around you.. Modulate AI makes sure that every voice chat that you have remains safe and private. Moreover, they are world-class audio experts. Moreover, they are also audiophiles and gamers that help in building a friendly world for everyone. 

11) aidaily.co.uk

AI Daily is a site for artificial intelligence news. It covers topics like neural networks, deep learning, ethics, and some other news. Moreover, it enables people to listen to podcasts. It includes news related to finance, healthcare, robotics enterprise, research, security, and ethics. This website was developed to provide people with the latest AI news. Also, this is now the fastest-growing AI news website. 

12) broutonlab.com

Brouton Lab is a website that hires people to get projects done by different users. It includes machine learning, data scientists, data engineers, and backend developers. It is a website managed by people that help different types of startups. The model of brouton lab is flexible, scalable, and has clear transparency.

13) wellsaidlabs.com

wellsaidlab.com is a website that can create digital content by converting the voice. This website allows you to work in a team. By working in a team, all the team members can use the same voice to update the content and can make edits. Moreover, it allows you to choose the voice from the list, or you can read it out directly from the script. 

14) lovo.ai

lovo.ai has multiple options for voiceovers. It is a 15 AI replacement website that has a voiceover for audio ads, audiobooks, animations, and e-learning. This website has a voiceover, just like humans. In short, it is a text-to-speech platform. There are about 180+ that too in 33 different languages. With each of these features, the users can create their content unique. 

15) byteside.com

byteside.com is a website that publishes today’s emerging talent from the world. This talent could be anything related to tech, culture, games, and professional-grade technology. Byteside is also a source of income for some people. The writer that writes about the talents gets paid for it. Other than this, it also contains analysis results, reviews, and views on various things.

16) jetson.ai

Jetson AI has recently started taking investments from people on their StartEngine. It is a website by which people can start their voiceover platform. For maximum reach on their own platform, people can invest in Jetson AI. Moreover, this site has a strategy to enhance the brand’s voice. The Jetson AI platform can also work in smart speaker technology (Alexa, google home). 

17) sonantic.io

sonantic.io is a website that enables you to cast, create, direct, and deliver content with high-fidelity speech synthesis. It is a quick way of transforming written texts into audios which can be done within a few minutes instead of months. Moreover, sonantic.io offers sophisticated security to their client’s projects and makes sure that nothing invades their privacy. 

18) resemble.ai

Resemble AI is a program that creates realistic text to speech. With a similar voice cloning software, you can just convert using the 5 minutes data. For a seamless experience, you can take your real voice recordings and sprinkle them in synthetic content. Dubbing your own voice in a different language is the most impressive feature of this website.

19) sentient.io

sentient.io provides services like the text to speech service, named entity recognition, and automatic speech recognition. This website is the best to develop AI capabilities. Moreover, the microservices, AI models, and data are available through Application Programming Interface. This website also enables easy access to existing platforms.

20) chisel.ai

By using Chisel AI, people can double the insurance business. This website reduces human errors and increases human satisfaction. You can increase data extraction, policy checks, and submission in minutes instead of hours. After Chisel, the work has become automated, operational costs have gone down, and as more business is being done, the payroll is always up. 

21) eqho.com

This website was established in 1996. It is one of the most leading websites that provides communication solutions, both multilingual and multicultural. Moreover, this website has the main focus on Asian languages. It provides services like multilingual artists, voiceover artists, studio production, e-learning development, and website development as well. The localization services of this website include game localization, app localization, multimedia localization, and e-commerce localization. 

22) deepzen.io 

Content that is rich in emotion can easily be changed from text to speech through deepzen.io. For publishers, agencies, production businesses, and content creators, their ground-breaking technology is revolutionary audio content creation. Also, the audio power of this website is accessible to new audiences.


All the above-mentioned sites resemble 15 AI sites in their functions. Users can always use them if they don’t have access to 15 AI. The alternative 15 AI sites have more or less the same services that are given by 15 AI. Moreover, these alternatives are very much useful in today’s era.